Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Back to ... school

Finally all the holidays, vacations are over - first it was Christmas, then trip to Hong Kong followed by New Year and a few days later a 4 weeks long ski holiday in Japan. When we came back it was Chinese New Year holiday which involved visiting family and receiving friends. Ufff!
I feel like we've been away from our desks for almost two months! That's why now it's time to really start teaching and learning. Looks like kids are also ready for a more stable learning time. Yesterday was our first day in the classroom and they did quite a lot of work. The only thing I needs improving soon is the morning routine - it takes us far too long to start the school day.

Yesterday I reviewed with Zosia what she has learned about kinematics in physics. She has made this mind map:

This semester we decided that we would get a Chinese language teacher for Jas. Thanks to one of my Polish friends we found a very nice and knowledgeable lady. We met her yesterday and it looks like Jas is going to like her. He will start one-on-one classes next week. I do hope this teacher is going to help Jas with his reading and writing in Chinese.

One of Christmas presents kids received was a big, 4000 pieces, puzzle. We started working on it last Sunday. It may take us a few months to finish it...

Before we left for Japan Zosia did finish a different puzzle - The Periodic Table of the Elements. It's now hanging on our classroom wall.